Czechoslovak military units in the USSR (1942 - 1945)
Searching of relatives
[updated 26.11.2018]

Do you know or suppose that your relative was a member of Eastern Czechoslovak revolt (or Western, Southern), and want to know more? Than I advise you to do following steps:

1) Open on-line Database of Czechoslovak military units' membres in WW2.

2) You will see following form on web page: "Příjmení" means "Cognomen", "Jméno" = "Name", "Místo narození" = "Place of birth", "Zadejte kde voják sloužil" = "Enter where the soldier served".

3) Write "Cognomen" in first line and choose fourth option ("Příslušníci čs. vojenských jednotek v zahraničí za 2. sv. války" = "Members of Czechoslovak units abroad"). After it push icon with hand-glass.

4) You will get results.

According particular data in table ("Příjmení" = "Cognomen", "Jméno" = "Name", "Hodnost" = "Grade", "Datum narození" = "Date of birth" and "Místo narození" = "Place of birth") choose relevant person and click on link.

5) You will get detailed information about person: "Hodnost" = "Grade", "Příjmení" = "Cognomen", "Jméno" = "Name", "Kmenové číslo" = something like "Member number" (for rank and file) or "Osobní číslo" = "Personal number" (for officers), "Národnost" = "Nationality", "Den narození" = "Day of birth", "Místo narození" = "Place of birth", "Datum a místo odvodu" = "Date and place of enlistment", "Číslo protokolu" = "Protocol number". If the person was killed during WW2, you will find also information as "Jednotka při úmrtí" = "Military unit in time of death", "Datum úmrtí" = "Date of death", "Místo úmrtí" = "Place of death", "Poznámka" (okolnosti úmrtí) = "Note" (Condition of death).

6) After that contact corresponding military archive in Czech Republic or Slovakia to get short abstract or fully copy of personal folder of your relatives. Don't forget quote "Member or personal number" (in Czech "Kmenové číslo" for rank and file, "Osobní číslo" for officers) in your request.

Good luck!


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