Czechoslovak military units in the USSR (1942 - 1945)
Main combat operations
Combat operations around Zhashkov
(17. - 26.01.1944)

Command: to built up the defense on river Gorny Tikich and hold position (line Buzovka - homestead Adamovskij) to prevent encirclement of Soviet troops before armies of 1st and 2nd Ukrainian fronts prepare themselves for Korsun-Shevchenkovsk's operation with aim to eliminate 10 German divisions and 1 motorbrigade.

Place: Zhashkov area (the Ukraine, USSR)
Date: 17.-26.01.1944
Czechoslovak unit: 1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade
Allied forces: Soviet 42nd guards division, 74th, 163rd, 232nd (794th regiment), 240th rifle divisions, 87 tank regiment, artillery support: 3 anti-tank artillery regiments, 1 rocket launcher commando, 1 heavy rocket launcher regiment, 1 anti-aircraft artillery unit
Enemy forces: German 4th tank army, Luftwaffe [tba]
in particular: 16th and 17th tank divisions
Info: [17.01.] tanks surprisely charged and cleaned up bridge head of village Ostrozhany; [18.01.] artillery support of Soviet 232nd and 240th rifle divisions attack; [19.01.] 2 unsuccessful attacks with aim to destroy bridge across river Gorny Tikich between villages Buzovka and Ostrozhany; tanks beat back German attack against Buzovka; [21.01.] 2 unsuccessful attacks against Ostrozhany; Luftwaffe bombing; [22.01.] Czechoslovak defense beat back German attack against Buzovka; several Luftwaffe bombing; by request of Czechoslovak command [1] Soviet and Czechoslovak artillery accomplished massive attack against German forces, composed for charge against village Zhashkov; [23.01.] Luftwaffe and artillery bombing; defensive combats; [24.01.] unsuccessful attack with aim to destroy bridge; Luftwaffe and artillery bombing; [26.01.] bridge across river Gorny Tikich destroyed by Luftwaffe bombing 1
Enemy casualties: [uwc] 17.01. 1 tank, 1 howitzer; 19.01. 4 tanks, 2 howitzers; 22.01. 1 tank, during massive artillery attack were destroyed 70 tanks (!) and most of armored vehicles; 23.01. 2 tanks

  1. Czechoslovak sparks understood and spoke excellent German language so they could intercept enemy sparks and obtained important reportages. It proved true twice: 1) when found out where composed German forces for charge against village Zhashkov; 2) when Czechoslovak sparks suborned Luftwaffe bombing against German positions and bridge at Ostrozhany (26.01.).

[uwc] = unknown whole casualties, [tba] = to be added.


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