Czechoslovak military units in the USSR (1942 - 1945)
Main combat operations
Battle of Ruda

Command: to support the offensive attack in framework of the 1st Ukrainian front during the Zhitomir-Berdichevsk's operation, to defeat German defense at Fastov and in cooperation with Soviet 27th army to check Biela Cerkov.

Place: Ruda (the Ukraine, USSR)
Date: 30.12.1943
Czechoslovak unit: 1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade
Allied forces: 12 tanks T-34 of Soviet 87th tank regiment
Enemy forces: German 4th tank army
in particular: SS tank division "Das Reich" (2 infantry battalions, 5 tanks, 10-12 self-propelled cannons), [tba]
Info: Czechoslovak and Soviet tanks charged the village of Ruda (08:45), about 09:30 checked the north part of the village and started together with infantry battalions liquidate enemy strong points in houses. Hardest combats run against German tanks, selfpropelled howitzer and anti-tank battery around sugar factory. At 13:30 Czechoslovak tank "Janošík" on bridge across Rostavica crushed down recessive enemy anti-tank battery and supply convoy. About 16:00 Czechoslovaks controled all village.
Czechoslovak casualties: 52 killed, 148 wounded, 14 missed
Enemy casualties: [uwc] about 150 killed, destroyed 1 tank, 1 selfpropelled howitzer, 3 cannons, 2 planes Bf 110, 1 plane Fw 189

[uwc] = unknown whole casualties, [tba] = to be added.


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