Czechoslovak military units in the USSR (1942 - 1945)
Main combat operations
Battle of Kiev
(03. - 06.11.1943)

Command: to accomplish an attack of 5 objectives and to liberate Kiev.

Place: Kiev (the Ukraine, USSR) - Ukrainian capital city
Date: 05. - 06.11.1943
Czechoslovak unit: 1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade
in particular: 1st and 2nd Infantry Battalions, 1st Tank Battalion
Allied forces: Soviet 240th (931st Rifle Regiment) and 136th Rifle Divisions
Enemy forces: German 4th Tank Army, VII corps
in particular: units of 75th Infantry Division and 7th Tank Division 1
Brief chronology: Czechoslovaks started the attack at 12:30, after overpass anti-tank grip continued combats in Volejkovo area, Syrecks' barracks and railway-track. With that on the right side T-34 company and 2 machine rifle platoons captured factory buildings of "Bolshevik" (17:00), on left light tank company T-70M, armor vehicles company and infantry troops banished Germans from the ZOO area (18:00), further both tank companies checked railway-station of Kiev I (20:00), where saved bridge before destruction. At midnight commander of Soviet 38th army colonel general Moskalenko ordered to continue the attack in order to secure the bridge over the river of Dnepr by day-break. At 02:00 Czechoslovak troops joined the final attack and reached the river of Dnepr as first ones. Kiev was liberated on 06.11. morning (06:50).
Czechoslovak casualties: 30 killed, 80 injured, 4 missed 2, 3 T-34/76 light damaged
Enemy casualties: 630 soldiers killed, 1 plane Do 217, 4-6 tanks, 2 howitzers "Ferdinand", 7 armor vehicles, 4 artillery batteries, 22 bunkers, 31 focuses of resistance, 41 heavy machine guns and 24 light machine guns was destroyed
Awards: 1st Czechoslovak Independent Brigade and its commander were awarded by Order of Suvorov (2nd grade), Czechoslovak medal "For gallantry in the face of the enemy" and Czechoslovak war cross from 1939. 139 soldiers were awarded with Soviet medals (among them 3 soldiers with the highest Soviet decoration: Gold Star of a "Hero of the Soviet Union"), further 294 with Czechoslovak war cross 1939 and 41 with medal "For gallantry in the face of the enemy".

Battle of Kiev - © Svoboda Ludvík - Z Buzuluku do Prahy (From Buzuluk to Prague)

  1. Source: Goncharov V. - Battle for Dnepr 1943.
  2. According to the other source 32 were killed, 77 wounded, 4 missed.

[uwc] = unknown whole casualties, [tba] = to be added.


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